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Filling the Gap

I am passionate about providing relationship advice. That is why I became a blogger. I want to help people who are starting new relationships. And I want to provide advice to people who are maintaining existing relationships. My mom was a good mother to me and my four siblings. But, she did not have the appropriate knowledge to provide relationship advice. Her knowledge was based on no guidance from her mom, and her own negative experience with my father. As a teenager living at home, I saw a lot of that negative experience. When I left home to start my career, I had no knowledge of what to look for in a potential partner. So, I initially made a lot of bad decisions. Decisions in relationships that could have left me addicted, pregnant or dead. I was young and had no experience to draw from to help me think through my decisions. My rights and wrongs became my experience. I had no one with knowledge to talk too. You can be open and honest with me, because we may have shared experiences. I have overcome my initial bad decisions and made a good decision in my relationship with my life partner. I am blogging on this subject because I want to provide relationship advice and a listening ear. Not every story is like mine, but from talking to old, young, and gay people, there is a gap in relationship knowledge. Through my blogs and my upcoming relationship book, “Love Lessons from an Old Coot,” I want to fill that knowledge gap. Feel free to ask me any questions or share with me any stories you may have on this subject.

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