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The Intimate Truth

In my relationship, mutual intimacy is a vital part of maintaining the partnership. I am not talking about always having sex though, having a heathy sexual relationship is vital. I am talking about the importance of touching, kissing, hugging, and those naughty little things you whisper in each other’s ear. My day to day encounter with my partner is continuous foreplay. Another vital part of maintaining a successful partnership is communication. The ability to discuss what is right and what is wrong. One of the things I love about my life partner is that we always had open communication. Even on the subject of intimacy. When we were dating, my life partner use to put his tongue in my ear as part of foreplay. I hated it! I hated the feel of wetness in my ear, and that terrible slurping sound. I did not want him to continue thinking he was turning me on, when the result was the opposite. So, I told him the truth. It was not an easy conversation to have, because it was important not to bruise his ego. I had the conversation by setting the stage with romantic music and a bottle of wine. When the bottle was almost empty, I suggested we play a truth game. We played a game of telling each other two things that we like, and two things that we don't like during intimacy. Using this game as a tool, I was able to put an end to him making squishy sounds in my ear. Feel free to ask this “Old Coot” any questions or share with me any stories you may have on this subject.

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