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Relationship "Time Out"

I am writing this blog based on a question, "How do you carve out the time for your partner?"

During my dating phase, I used planning as tool to help me manage my time. When we were dating, my relationship with my partner was like "two ships passing in the night." We were so wrapped up in our careers that we did not carve out any time for each other. I saw this happening so I planned a "time out" for us. The plan was that we would both take the afternoon off from our jobs and meet back at the house. I will not tell you how we spent that time but, we used this plan many times.

To have a successful relationship with a partner, you have to make time to nurture it along. Nothing grows with out help. If you cannot be together physically, use social media as a communication tool to fill the gap. Send “Thinking of you text,” or emoji’s that will make your partner smile. Or you can communicate the old fashion way, chat with him or her by phone. The key is don’t let there be a gap in the relationship where nothing is happening. If you don't have time to go to a movie or out to dinner, use talking together as your entertainment. Talk about things that you read or heard on television. Or, talk about each other's day. Take part in some of the interest that your partner has so that you can do them together. When I met my partner, he liked watching sports on television. He loved watching professional football and basketball. I asked him to explain the games to me so that I could enjoy watching sports with him. Most games are on for hours, so it became a great way to spend time together. You can add beer and chips to the event and make it a party! The point is be creative, if you make your relationship a priority, you will carve out the time.

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