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Meeting Mr. Wrong - Finding Mr. Right

I have been happilymarried to one man for thirty-five years. I met many Mr. Wrongs before I found my Mr. Right. Before I met my life partner, I dated men that lied, cheated and, stole my money. I also dated a man that was physically abusive. By the time I met Mr. Right, I almost lost him because I thought he was like the others. I am glad I came to my senses because I have loved this man for thirty-five years and he returns that love. I was in my early 20’s when I met my life partner. In my growing years, I was not exposed to successful marriages. So, based on my limited knowledge, a happy marriage was not possible. I thought all men were like my father who did not treat my mother with love and respect. When I was dating my life partner, I kept comparing him to my father despite there were no similarities. I argued with him over little things because that is what I experienced growing up. I thought I was having a good relationship, especially since I was winning all the arguments. Finally, my partner sat me down and communicated to me how unhappy he was with our relationship. That is when I saw the “light.” I did not understand it at the time but, I was, mimicking my parents’ relationship. I was young and did not know what I wanted in a potential partner. I lacked the wisdom that comes with many years of experience. This is a void so many young people face. Lack of answers could lead to commitment decisions that affect the rest of your life. Feel free to ask this “Old Coot” any questions or share with me any thoughts you may have on this subject.

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