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Welcome to Love Lesson From an Old Coot, my very own passion project. I will share unique and engaging content about relationships. Explore my site and engage with me on questions you may have or stories you want to share. Love Lesson From an Old Coot will fill a relationship knowledge gap you did not know you had. I am not a professional that relied on research projects or studies. I am an old coot who is sharing my knowledge one blog at a time.  Look for my blogs on this subject twice a week.


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I am a retired government worker that goes by the nickname Jo. I was born and raised in Middletown, Delaware, and I am married to my life partner Henry. My favorite pastime is going to bars and reading romance novels. As a barfly, I enjoy hearing stories about relationships and providing advice. After giving so much advice, I am writing a book on the subject, “Love Lessons from an Old Coot.” In the book I will share stories of my 35-year relationship, and the stories of many others. As a government worker I frequently traveled, so my relationship stories come from a diverse group of people from various parts of the country. Born with the “gift of gab”, I decided to become a blogger. I hope that you will ask for my relationship advice and share some of your personal stories. My husband and I live in Northern Virginia and have one daughter, Jasmine.

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Thank you for your interest in Love Lesson From an Old Coot. Please submit any questions you have on my blogs, and feel free to suggest future blog subjects.


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